Snow Day

There’s no day like a snow day… At least that’s what I always thought growing up.  As an adult they are still fun, but you have bigger things to worry about – not just “where are my mittens”.  The biggest worry for me is Paul working late when the weather gets bad.  Last night the snow started coming down and was stuck to all the roads by the time Paul got off work at 10pm.  It was a LONG drive home for him (normally takes about 25 minutes, took over an hour) and I was BEYOND relieved to see him home safe and sound. 

Wyatt woke up this morning and was totally unaware of the snow outside.  Even after I pointed it out and was VERY excited in explaining to him we could go play when Daddy got up, he didn’t seem to care.   Things changed when I started getting him ready for outside, he sat patiently and ran to the door waiting for Daddy and I.

Here are some pictures from us, all bundled up, playing outside in the snow.

Not sure what to think...

Following the leader

Checking out the snow - with Daddy's help

Little footprints in the snow

Trying to get around in the snow - it was deep for him!

Headed to make a new friend with Mommy close behind

Playing with his new friend Skylar

I L-O-V-E to make comparisons between Wyatt last year and this year.  Here is a picture of him last year “enjoying” a snow day.

Jan 2010 Snow Day

Jan 2011 Snow Day


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