Halloween Post #2

We had a WONDERFUL Halloween day here in the ‘Berger household.  Paul had to work in the afternoon so I took some pictures of him and Wyatt prior to him leaving.  We also tried to give Wyatt some lessons on what to expect with his trick-or-treating bucket.  He got the hang of it and walked around the house carrying his bucket looking for his treats … Smart kid!  Wyatt was a BURGER this year for Halloween!!!  We found it very fitting and funny… Our little Baby Berger graduated to Jr. Berger – He is growing up SOO fast!

Wyatt and Daddy

Practicing with his bucket

Paul left for work, Wyatt and I ate lunch and played.  In the middle of the afternoon Paul called and said that he could leave work early to come trick or treating, but since he rode in with a friend, I would have to go pick him up.  Wyatt and I were ELATED that he would be here and wasted NO time in going to get Daddy from work!

My friend Alaina and her baby Katherine came over to join us in our trick or treating festivities.  We got the kids dressed up and headed out around the neighborhood.  Wyatt walked around our neighborhood and up to the doors without a problem.  The only issue we had was keeping him OUT of houses, once the doors were opened he wanted to go in and check it out.  One of our neighbors is a pediatric nurse and was amazed at the way he came right up the driveway with no issues.  She said he acted MUCH older (20 months) with how well he is walking around.  That made Paul and I REALLY happy to hear!  Wyatt walked down the hill to the bottom of our neighborhood and around the houses down there.  He finally broke down and rode in the wagon back up the hill and then climbed out to go to the final houses.  We were SOO proud of him and how he handled the night.  We were out for almost 2 hours and there was no whining or crying.  Here are some pictures from our evening….

Making sure Katherine was settled

Mommy and her Jr. Burger

Headed to the next house

Jr. Burger headed to his next stop

Family Photo 2010

Wyatt and Katherine headed back up the hill to the house

Katherine the pretty pretty flower

Wyatt the Burger and Katherine the Flower

Alaina and Katherine

Family Photo

Checking out his loot

Trying to eat a wrapped lollipop and a wrapped twizzler!

In bed but not ready to say good-bye to Halloween!

I tried to get some video of Wyatt trick or treating, but it was really dark.  I have two clips to share with you, but everything else came out really dark – Hope you enjoy!

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