Halloween Post #1

Happy Halloween!!!  We have one very excited little boy for trick-or-treating tonight!  We did a test run on Saturday with his costume and his trick-or-treating bucket.  He seemed to enjoy it – I guess we will see how he does tonight!

Saturday evening we finally had a chance to carve our pumpkins.  It was really fun for Wyatt to be a “part” of pumpkin carving this year.  Last year he sat in his little chair only 2 months old and watched as we carved.  This year he sat in his high chair and played with his pumpkin, drew on it, played with pumpkin guts from our pumpkins and then ate some dinner while we carved.  It was a very enjoyable evening. 

Here are some pictures from our carving experience…

Wyatt and his pumpkin!

Feeling the pumpkin "guts"

Paul carving his pumpkin

Wyatt eating a Vanilla Wafer and watching Mommy carve her pumpkin

After we finished carving we took our pumpkins outside to get some pictures.  Here are some of our pumpkins and our little mummy monster!

Pointing out the Pumpkins

Wyatt with the pumpkins

Pointing at the pumpkins eye

Pauls Pumpkin (chewing on a baby pumpkin), Wyatt's scribble pumpkin, My Scared Pumpkin

Our Little Monster


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