Park Playdate/Weekend Wrap Up

This past weekend we went to Paul’s parents house to visit and attend the annual party they hold.  The party includes LOTS of yummy food, lots of family and close friends, lots of great music by a wonderful band, and lots of stories to tell the next day!  Unfortunately we have NO pictures from the actual party.  I guess we were too busy this year chasing around the little guy to take any pictures.

I do have some pictures from a playdate Wyatt and I had Friday morning.  I finally had the chance to meet Kelsey – a girl who went to high school with Paul and I have met through the internet but never “in real life”.  Kelsey has a daughter, Paxtin who is a little over a year older than Wyatt.  Luckily for us, Wyatt LOVES older girls!!

We met at a local donut shop and had breakfast and then went to the city park to play.  Here are some pictures of Wyatt and Paxtin playing at the park:

Peek-a-boo through the holes

C'mon Wyatt... What are you waiting for?

At the top of the slide

Examining Leaves before saying Goodbye!

Wyatt and I had a wonderful morning with Kelsey and Paxtin and are excited to hang out with them again the next time we are in town!

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