Virginia Vacation Part 3

There are a few special places that we would go to growing up, places that will stay with me no matter how old I get or how far away I move.  While visiting my Dad and I took Wyatt to two of those places. 

Monday afternoon we took Wyatt to Frying Pan Farm Park, a summer favorite of ours.  We spent the afternoon checking out the animals, wandering around, and playing on the tractors!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from our afternoon at Frying Pan Park.

Grandpa and Wyatt looking at the piglets


Wyatt, Grandpa and the chicken coop

Wandering around the farm

Wyatt and the calf

Wyatt LOVED playing with the ROPE!

Frying Pan Park Tractor

Tuesday was Grandma’s Birthday, so we headed over to her house in the afternoon with some Boston Market for dinner!  We enjoyed a relaxing evening, chatting and watching Wyatt play.

Enjoying some of Grandma's water

Wednesday was our last day in town, so my Dad and I decided to take Wyatt to another one of my favorite places; Briar Patch Park.  We spent countless days at this park growing up and Wyatt loved spending the morning there just as much as we used too!

Grandpa and Wyatt through the tunnel

Down the slide!

Ready to head down the slide... Again!

Bouncing on the 4-wheeler


Walking the path around the park

That evening Daddy, Wyatt and I met Grandma, PapPap and Kathleen at the Macaroni Grill for dinner.  It was a very nice way to say “See you later” to everyone.

Thursday morning my Dad drove us to the airport, bought Wyatt some Donut Holes and sent us through security.  Wyatt was FANTASTIC on the flight and was more than elated to see his Daddy.  I wish I would have been able to capture their reunion on video.  Wyatt and I were walking towards Paul and as soon as Wyatt saw him, he dropped my hand and went as fast as his legs would carry him into his Daddy’s arms.  It made me tear up! 

Wyatt and I would like to Thank EVERYONE who made this trip possible.  We greatly appreciate the effort that went into preparing for our arrival; everything from snacks to baby proofing to baby supplies.  We really enjoyed spending the week with Wyatt’s Virginia family!!!  We can’t wait to see you all again at Thanksgiving!  WE LOVE YOU!


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