Virginia Vacation Part 2

Saturday morning, October 9, Wyatt woke up to find that his Uncle Michael had come to visit as well.  They spent the morning playing together.

Uncle Michael and Wyatt on the couch

Exploring the backyard

After naps for everyone – Michael, Wyatt and I headed over to Kathleen’s.  She wanted Wyatt to hang out with Patron – her puppy.  Patron jumped up on Wyatt, pushing him over, so he was NOT a fan of the puppy.

Aunt Kathleen, Patron and Wyatt

Aunt Kathleen, Uncle Michael and Wyatt

The four of us headed to the grocery store to pick up supplies for a family barbecue for that night.  We got home and Wyatt took another mini nap before waking up to play outside before dinner.  I must add, Wyatt LOVED all the attention he got from his Aunt Kathleen, Uncle Michael, Uncle Sam (Kathleen’s fiancée), Grandpa, Grandma, PapPap, Uncle Michael G, and Gigi. 

Tickle Time with Grandpa and Aunt Kathleen

Spinning around and around

Tickle Time with Uncle Sam and Aunt Kathleen

After a delicious family dinner Grandpa found some silly string and decided to see what Wyatt would think of it…

Silly String Time

Not a fan of Silly String - AT ALL

 Silly String time was super messy, so it was bath time for Wyatt.  Thankfully Aunt Kathleen was there to help!  After bath, we took Wyatt downstairs to explore.  While downstairs I found the original Mr. Happy shirt, the one that all three of us wore as kids.  My Dad let me keep it so Wyatt and additional Berger Babies will have the chance to wear the same one!  The trip downstairs provided us to explore the old toys that my Dad has kept all the years.  Michael found some little remote control cars and thought it would be fun to show Wyatt how they work.

Chasing after a remote control car

 Wyatt was so confused by the cars and spent a good bit of time chasing the cars around the floor.

Wyatt LOVED playing with his Aunt and Uncles for sure-

Uncle Sam, Aunt Kathleen, Uncle Michael stuck behind the gate!

Sunday afternoon the family headed over to Grandma and PapPaps place.  Daddy and I picked up Subway for everyone on the way over.  We enjoyed a WONDERFUL afternoon playing, watching the Skins win and most importantly spending quality family time together!!!  Here are some pictures from our wonderful afternoon –

Playing with PapPaps Balloon

Walking the halls with Uncle Michael and Grandma

PapPap, Grandma and Wyatt

The Family - Thanks to Sam for taking the picture!

Playing on Grandma and PapPaps bed!

It was such a fun afternoon with family at Grandma and PapPaps house.


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