Virginia Vacation Part 1

The opportunity arose for Wyatt and I to head to Virginia for a little vacation.  Paul had to work – so it was just me and my little man off on an adventure!

Paul took us to the airport on Thursday October 7 to head to Northern Virginia.  We were really excited when we got to the ticket counter and they issued Paul a gate pass so he could take us through security.  It got even better when we got to the gate and they said he could go onto the plane to help get us settled!  Before he left the plane he snapped a picture on his phone –

Wyatt on the plane

Wyatt behaved really well on the plane.  He ate a TON of snacks, read lots of books, played with some toys and tried to share with the people sitting near us.  By the time we landed he was ready to stretch his legs and play. 

My sister, Wyatt’s Aunt Kathleen, was waiting for us at the airport.  Wyatt and I were soo excited to see her waiting for us near the baggage claim!  She helped me keep Wyatt entertained while we waited for our luggage.  Once we gathered everything and got Wyatt a clean diaper we headed to the car. 

Kathleen was called back into work, so I dropped her off at her car and headed out to see my grandparents.  They were very excited to see Wyatt and he was just as excited to see them!  We hung out there for a while and then headed to my Dad’s house to unpack and settle in.  My goal was to get Wyatt to take a nap when we arrived at my Dad’s, but he fell asleep in the car and when he saw Grandpa he was wide awake and ready to play for sure!!

After Kathleen got off work she came over to the house and entertained Wyatt while I got some stuff done!

Aunt Kathleen and Wyatt

Playing Football with Grandpa and Aunt Kathleen

Playing in the backyard

After playing we ordered some Chinese for dinner.  Wyatt was not in the mood to wait to eat, so Aunt Kathleen fed him a yogurt while we waited.

Yum Yum Yogurt

After dinner we played and hung out until bedtime. 

Friday morning we woke up early and Wyatt spent the morning staring at the deer outside the kitchen windows.

Wyatt making friends

Two other deer

We spent the morning trying to get Wyatt back on a schedule with a normal nap.  That afternoon I had plans to meet Lynn, Tommy, TJ, Chrissie and Sophie at the mall.  Lynn was one of my Mom’s best friends, TJ and I grew up together, got married around the same time and ended up with kids just 4 months apart!  You can read all about the first time Sophie and Wyatt met right here: Road Trip Recap #3. We met at the play area at a local mall.  Wyatt and I were early, as traffic is so unpredictable in the Northern Virginia area I always leave LOTS of extra time.  Wyatt played for a little while we waited for the others to arrive.  Once Sophie arrived Wyatt and her played together, going down the slide and following Tommy around.

Happy Boy

Wyatt and Sophie watching Tommy

Sophie and Wyatt

After playing we headed to Red Robin to eat some dinner.  The kids set in high chairs on opposite sides of the table and we had someone ask if they were twins!!  I guess the blonde hair, blue eyes and striped shirts gave that impression!!  Chrissie and I like to joke that the kids are meant to be and will be married one day!

Two Generations of Life Long Friends

Cute Bench Shot

We headed back to my Dad’s after dinner.  Wyatt had some time to play with his Grandpa before heading to bed for the night!


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