Weekend Wrap-Up

Wyatt and I returned from a week-long trip to Northern Virginia visiting family and friends on Thursday afternoon.  I will have a full recap of our trip this week.

Paul and I had a weekend full of fun fall activities planned, so there was no rest for the weary!  Thursday we spent the afternoon hanging out as a family, unpacking, playing and enjoying being home.

Friday morning we were up early to head to the Pumpkin Patch.  We headed to the same pumpking patch that we visited last year.  You can read about our trip last year right here: pumpkin patch 2009.  I was really excited about the pumpkin patch this year – Wyatt is walking, so I knew it would be an adventure for him AND it hasn’t rained, so I knew it wouldn’t be a muddy mess like last year!

Our friends Alaina, Martin and baby Katherine made the trip to Mississippi with us to visit Cedar Hill Farm.  We started the day by loading both kids into Wyatt’s wagon and heading toward the pig races.  Paul pulled the wagon while the kids took in the animals and sights.

Headed towards the Pig Races

 After the pig races we headed to the petting farm area where Wyatt became good friends with the sheep…

Wyatt and his Sheep Friends

We made a quick stop by the playground and hay bale maze, Wyatt had NO interest in either, but did enjoy running through the field.

Wide Open Space for Wyatt to play!

Next up was the hayride out to the pumpkin patch…

Wyatt and Katherine waiting for the Hayride

Family Photo Pumpkin Patch 2010

Alaina, Martin and Katherine

 The hayride dropped us off at the pumpkin patch.  Wyatt got off the hayride and took off towards the pumpkins – he was SOO excited! 

Running towards the pumpkins

He ran into the patch, stopped at the first pumpkin and tried to pick it up.  Paul had to explain that you don’t settle for the first pumpkin you find.  You have to hunt around for the perfect one…

I'll take this one!

 We made Wyatt take a break from hunting so we could get a Family Photo:

Family Photo in the Patch 2010

Then he played with the pumpkins for a little.

Wyatt 2010

One year ago…

Wyatt 2009

Such a BIG difference between 2009 and 2010.  (Funny side note – 2009 we went 10/16, 2010 we went 10/15 so the pictures are almost a year to the day apart!)

After getting some pictures of Wyatt with the pumpkins we let him find a “Wyatt-sized” (pie) pumpkin for him to take home. 

Searching for the perfect pumpkin

Paul and I then picked out our pumpkins and we left the farm and headed to a nearby restaurant for lunch!  It was a perfect fall family day and we LOVED that Alaina, Martin and Katherine were able to join us!

Friday night we had tickets to see Hank Williams Jr in concert!  It was our second time seeing him live, and once again he did not disappoint!  The concert was a wonderful way to end a perfect day!

Saturday morning we headed to a Fall Festival at the Tennessee Baptist Children’s Home.  They do this festival annually and we have attended the last 3 years.  The festival includes a car show, tons of food, petting zoo, games, hayride, and activities for kids.  Everything is free, but donations are encouraged. 

The first thing we did was walk around and look at the cars.  When we passed the announcers booth they gave Wyatt a Waffle House (sponsor) football.  Wyatt was soo excited about the football and carried it around, we got a lot of comments about having a future running back on our hands…

Wyatt and his Football

The football was his favorite thing UNTIL he got a blue balloon…

Wyatt and his balloon

Paul tied the balloon to his belt loop so that we wouldn’t lose it!  It also helped us find Wyatt as he walked around the field!  After checking out the cars we grabbed some lunch (burgers/hot dogs/nachos – YUM).  Then Wyatt wanted to explore the fire engine.

Checking things out

We ended our outing with a hayride – a fall favorite for sure!


Saturday evening we played outside.  The weather was just beautiful this weekend and I feel that we took full advantage of it!  We are SOO happy that Fall is in full force in the mid-south!!!


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