Play Date and an Afternoon Stroll…

Tuesday Morning Wyatt had a play date with his friend London.  She was in his Kindermusik class this summer, and her mom Ginny and I really enjoy hanging out. 

Wyatt and London enjoyed playing on the swing set and with all of his toys inside.  Wyatt enjoyed chasing London and then running from her once he “caught” her.  It was really cute.  He loved walking around showing her the house and playing with his toys.  I can tell he is going to enjoy more play dates in the future with her! 

Here are some pictures of them – 

Waiting for London to come play




More Swinging


Yesterday, Wednesday (9/29/10), we had Kindermusik in the morning.  Wyatt made a grand entrance into the Kindermusik room – a big “Ha” (hello) to get everyone’s attention, then he strutted into the room.  He wanted to make sure all eyes were on him as he showed off his walking skills.  The teacher, Ms. Annette, clapped and told him how good he was doing.  Wyatt LOVED all the attention. 

Since the weather was BEAUTIFUL outside, we decided to get Wyatt outside to practice walking in the afternoon.  He had soo much fun walking back and forth on the sidewalk in front of the house.  He fell a couple of times (no tears), would use my finger to get back up and keep on going.  Now that the weather is so nice I have a feeling most of our days will be spent just like this: 

Headed to see the little girls playing a couple of houses down...

Back towards our house

Walking towards me!

Headed to Daddy


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