My Baby is now officially a Toddler…

It seems like once I say I am going to be consistent with blogging life gets in the way, I get busy and no updates are posted.  Needless to say, nothing too much had happened in the past week or so – our days have been spent dealing with molars (all 4 are coming through – I think we are almost done – Thank Goodness!), playing, swinging outside and with Wyatt eating EVERYTHING he can get his hands on. 

Not too much had happened until Thursday (9/23/10) night.  We were playing with Wyatt and I said come get Mommy and he let go and took off walking.  Just like that.  No hesitation, just took off.  I ran and grabbed the video camera, which was blinking “low battery” and promptly died after getting the following bit…

Here are two clips from Saturday:


One Response to “My Baby is now officially a Toddler…”

  1. Courtney Says:

    He’s a superstar! Seriously, he is walking so good. He’ll be running before y’all know it

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