Birthday Party Recap #3

After the party we had family (plus Shane, Bethany and Sophie) back to our house to hang out.  The kids played while the adults chatted and had some frosty beverages. 

Most of the family left before dinner time since they had to drive back to various parts of Arkansas.  Paul’s cousin Jennifer, her husband and daughter stuck around, so we ordered some Pizza for dinner.  While waiting on Pizza, Paul set up the bean bag toss game outside in the front yard.  We pulled out the folding chairs and enjoyed playing with the bean bag toss game!!

Wyatt drinking some Milk

L to R - Ilene, Paul, Shane, Darrell, Steve (My Dad)

Sophie was the bean bag collector!

As the last moments of daylight ticked away I realized I hadn’t gotten a family picture!!  First we tried to get a good shot of my dad and Ilene with Wyatt.  The key word being tried.

Grandpa and Gigi with Wyatt

Then we attempted to get a good family picture…

Mommy, Daddy and Wyatt

After family pictures were taking it was bath time and bedtime for the little ones!  After a busy day the adults weren’t too far behind the kids!! 

That wraps up Wyatt’s First Birthday Party posts.  Wyatt had a very special day and I want to Thank everyone who was a part of it!!


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