Birthday Party Recap #1

My Mom always made Birthday’s really special for my sister, brother and I.  Our actual birthday included a yummy breakfast, treats for our class at school and a homemade dinner of our choice.  Birthday parties were always a big deal – they included food, games, homemade cake and a magic show preformed by my Dad.  I remember always feeling really special and want my kids to feel that same way on their birthdays.
Since Birthday’s are such a big deal to me, I was looking forward to planning Wyatt a super fun Birthday bash.  I went through a couple of different ideas until I settled on the final theme – A Barnyard Bash.  Something you should know before you go any further… I love a theme.  I tend to take themes to the extreme… I’ve been know to order entire birthday gifts, down to the wrapping paper to fall in line with a frog or Elmo theme.  So the idea of creating an entire celebration around a theme of my choosing… All I can say is – Yay!

The first thing I had to do was create an invitation.  I started (and finished) these months ago.  Here is a picture of the invites –  



Next I had to find the perfect plates and napkins to carry out my theme.  I decided to only order lunch napkins and dessert plates to go with the theme and have solid color (red) lunch plates and dessert napkins.  I found plates and napkins (along with some of the goody-bag treats) at Oriental Trading.  They have some of the cutest stuff, which happens to also be very reasonably priced! 

Plates and Napkins


Next I ordered all sorts of goody-bag treats.  I knew there would be a range of ages at the party and wanted to make sure the items in the goody-bags would work for all.  I decided on a variety of items – farm animal temporary tattoos, farm animal stickers, pig/cow lollipops (each child got one or the other), farm coloring book, bubbles (which had a farm sticker around the bottle), a cookie (not pictured), a rubber duck and cow tail candy.  The goody-bag contents are pictured below – 

Goody-Bag Treats!


I thought we needed to have some activities for the kids at the party.  I found some horse heads on sticks at the dollar store, so I bought a couple of those.  I filled a container with water dyed blue with food coloring and added rubber ducks, creating a “duck pond”.  The final activity was the biggsest hit – a bean bag toss game!  I’m really thankful that Paul is such a handy man.  He took my crazy idea and made it a reality.  I took some farm fabric and created bean bags for the game.  I’m not sure who had a better time with the game – the little kids or the “big kids” (Paul and the other guys at the party).  

Game and Bean Bags


We decided to have Wyatt’s Barnyard Birthday Bash at a local Community Center.  We felt that would be the best way for everyone to have lots of room to run and play!  I was VERY lucky to have some super special helpers on the morning of the party.  I’d like to publicly thank a few people – Shane and Paul for going to get Ice, Ice Cream and helping set up all the tables and chairs.  They also got Sophie and Wyatt ready and brought them back in time for the party!!  Thanks guys!  Bethany for helping me set everything up, running back to the house for missing items, and taking all of the pictures at the party.  Becca and Nathan for picking up the balloons and subs!!  Nathan also did all the video at the party!!  Thank you, thank you, thank you!! 

Here are some pictures of the party area before people arrived – 

Clockwise - Birthday Banner, Food Table, Cake Table, Tables for Party Guests


The Birthday cake was a BIG project and I was REALLY happy with the way it turned out.  Below is a before picture with two after pictures – the big cake and cupcakes were for guests, the little cake with cow candle was Wyatt’s “smash” cake.  The cookies were made by Robin who is extremely talented.  (Her cookie website can be found here

Cakes and Cookies


People started arriving right on time, at 12:00 for the party.  Wyatt showed up and immediately started crawling around checking everything/everyone out.  I was so excited as friends and family showed up to share in Wyatt’s Birthday celebration.  Here are some pictures of the party – 

Party Pictures 1


Party Pictures 2

 While everyone was eating we decided that Wyatt would open his gifts.  Wyatt got lots of wonderful gift and really enjoyed watching Daddy open them! 

Opening Gifts

After gifts we sang Happy Birthday and let Wyatt eat his cake!  He wasted no time getting down to business with the cake.  I think he really enjoyed it!!  I have 15 minutes of video of him eating cake, which I will post clips of on Monday! 

"Let him eat cake"

After we finished cake it was time to clean up and head back to the house.  

I think Wyatt had a very special Birthday, from his special evening with Mommy and Daddy, to his Barnyard Birthday Bash.  I had a friend film the whole party, so I will post multiple clips on Monday!!  


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