First Birthday

Paul had to work on Wyatt’s Birthday, but I was determined to make the day super special for my little boy!  When Wyatt woke up he got treated to some Milk, fresh fruit and a piece of donut.  We spent the morning playing and then he took a good nap.  When he woke up Daddy was home from work and we took Wyatt to the mall to play in the play area.

Here are a couple of pictures of our ONE year old playing :

Trying to go UP the slide

Sliding the toys around...

Playing in the Airplane

Taking a ride on the Helicopter

Here is a little video of Wyatt in the play area.

After the play area we stopped by Walmart to get some party supplies and then came home for Wyatt to nap.  When he woke up we let him open some of his Birthday presents.  Here are some pictures of him playing with his new gifts.

Super Cool Airplane from "Aunt" Becca

Doggie from Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Same (Basketball hoop thing from them as well)

Playing Basketball with Daddy

Making faces through the Lego lid

With all the excitement of new toys to play with, Wyatt didn’t go to bed until 11pm!!  From where I was sitting it appeared that Wyatt had the best first Birthday EVER!


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