One Year Pictures

This morning I took Wyatt for his first professional photo shoot!!  Wyatt has had TONS of pictures taken of him over the past (almost full) year, but never in a studio. 

Wyatt woke up at 6:45 am, so I was really worried that he would have a COMPLETE meltdown.  To my surprise he was WONDERFUL!  We got a ton of pictures of the little guy.  I narrowed it down to 7 favorites in the store which I purchased.  (Purchasing only took place AFTER I realized I had left my wallet at home, got Paul on the phone and he gave me our card number!  Thank you Paul!!)  After purchasing the pictures the guy told me he would put all the images on a CD for me.  I’m going to try to upload them to Walgreens/Walmart and see if I can have some of the other ones I liked printed.  Not sure if the stores will print them for me or not, but its worth a try!

Without further delay, here are some of my FAVORITE pictures from the day!

LOVE this chair! Screams Game watching chair to me!


Getting the Football

L-O-V-E this face!

One Year Old!

Such a BIG boy!

He LOVED this ride-on toy!


One Response to “One Year Pictures”

  1. Brenda Says:

    Shari, The pics of Wyatt are absolutely adorable!!! You are so right when you say this year has gone by so fast. I don’t know if you remember but Jessica’s birthday was the 25th and she turned 19. I can’t beleive she’s 19!! One year ago on Wednesday she was in Memphis with her recruiter signing up for the Army National Guard. She was all alone. Which is the way she wanted it. This past year has flown by for me and her also and she and I have both grown so much as well…..not in the same way as Wyatt but mentally and spiritually. She has become this powerful, strong, beautiful, amazing, gifted, smart young soldier with the most amazing leadership abilities I have ever seen. She has become a woman; and even though I have struggled with letting go of my little girl I am more proud of her than any words can ever describe. On her birthday I woke up at 5am and as I was getting ready for work I was playing the memory of the day she was born in my mind. I haven’t thought of it in years and I guess this year I did because it is the first year she has never been with me on her birthday. I wasn’t sure I would remember it all but I did, I remembered every tiny detail. I thought of her all through out that day. It was one of the hardest days I’ve had since she’s been gone but I knew there would be sacrifices with her career choice. I did get to talk to her that evening about 7pm….she called me…it made my day just to hear her voice!! I told her we would have a big birthday party for her when she gets home.

    I guess I’m telling you all of this to tell you that you are a great mommy. You do a terrific job of making memories with Wyatt and taking lots of pictures and keeping a blog. He will cherish all of this when he is grown! There may come a time when you feel like he’s pulling away from you, teen years, but he will just need some growing room, and that time always hurts us way more than it hurts them. They won’t feel that pain until they have their own someday!

    Again, I love Wyatt’s pics. He is a precious baby! Give him birthday sugars and hugs from BB! Love, ~B~

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