Sophie’s 2nd Birthday

Two years ago, Paul and I had the pleasure of meeting Sophie Jane.  She is the daughter of Shane and Bethany, Paul’s longtime best friend and his wife, who has become one of my best friends.  A couple of months after she was born, Paul was asked to be her Godfather; an honor he accepted with pleasure. 

Last year while Sophie was celebrating her first birthday, we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of her future best friend, Wyatt.  We were so sad to have missed her big day and knew that we would do anything we could to be at her future birthday parties.  Saturday we had the chance to prove we meant it, by traveling to Little Rock to attend her second birthday party.

I was dubbed the parties “unofficial” photographer and spent most of the day behind the camera lens trying to capture some of the special moments.  Below are some of my favorite party pictures…

Sophie's 2nd Party

Sophie we were so happy to be at your party, we LOVE you soo much and can’t wait to watch you grow up!!  Wyatt is so excited to have you come to his birthday party in TWO weeks!!

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Wyatt from the party…

Wyatt and the Trampoline

There was this little trampoline in the playroom at the house.  Wyatt saw it once and from that point forward he would high-tail it to the room, climb on it and bounce.  It was the cutest thing ever!!  He loves to BOUNCE BOUNCE BOUNCE!


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