Stair Rails and Window Frames…

When we bought our house we LOVED everything about it; the vaulted ceilings, the layout, the kitchen, and especially the open floor plan/feel of the entry way.  At that time we were not thinking about kids and the fact that some of the things we LOVED about our home would become HUGE obstacles for us.

Case in point – Our stairs.  Let me show you what I mean –


This picture is the best I could find without digging around too much.  Notice the LACK of railing on the far side.  The lack of railing prevents us from putting up a gate, hence the leather storage ottoman located at the bottom of the stairs. 

We decided we needed to do something about this, as Wyatt is getting closer and closer to figuring out how to get through the crack between the ottoman and the stairs.  I called around and found the name of the guy who installed the iron ornamental railing on our staircase.  One call to him, some measuring and couple days later our stairs now look like this –

Stairs Now

We now have a railing and a gate!!  Wyatt is officially TRAPPED downstairs!  Now we just have to pray that Wyatt doesn’t figure out how to open the gate!

A slight change of topics…  A couple of weeks ago the framed engagement picture and sign mat from our wedding which hung above the table in the entry way fell.  I hadn’t really looked for anything to go in its place, until Paul put the pressure on this past week.  At that time I decided that I really wanted a different look for that area, not just a picture frame.  I had seen on a DIY show where they took a glass door, placed pictures behind the glass, and hung it sideways on a wall.  I thought it was the coolest project ever and decided to recreate it in my foyer.  A quick trip to the antique mall, some pictures, and hanging help from my über awesome husband and we now have this –

Window Frame

Window above Entry Table

I just LOVE the way it turned out.  I love the fact that the window is a little scuffed up and has a worn look.  It looks like it has a story to tell, like it came from an old schoolhouse!  (I honestly don’t know where it came from, but I like the idea of it coming from an old schoolhouse so I am going with that.)  I love the look of the window so much – I’m going to get another one to hang in another place in our house!

Those were our Friday projects… I consider them both a success!! 

Now for those of you who check to see pictures of Wyatt…  Here are a few just for you!!

Coming to get Mommy

Carrying his Basketball

Chasing his Basketball


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