Library Storytime

Yesterday morning Wyatt and I went to Storytime at the Library.  I was nervous about how Wyatt would act – I could just picture a bunch of well-behaved kids sitting cross-legged listening to the book, while my child squealed with delight.  Let’s just say I was partially correct…

I was surprised when we got there and the room was full of kids!  I was expecting it to be a small group since school is back in session.  We went with the 2-3 year olds and I was pleased when I saw infants-3 year olds.  We found a spot to sit near the back of the room and Wyatt started watching everything going on around him.  He spotted a little boy sitting close to us and decided to show him how “strong” he is.

Strong Man Wyatt

The he decided to crawl around our little area a bit.  He found 2 little girls sitting near us and tried to make friends.  Then one ran away and the mom chased her leaving their sippy cups beside him.  The following picture was taken moments before he tried to grab one and take a sip!

Eyeing those sippy cups

Luckily that’s when the librarian showed up and started story time.  This week’s theme was Dogs.  She read 4 books that had Dogs as main characters.  We sang 3 songs and “got our wiggles out”. 

Reading "A Colorful Dog Day"

Wyatt enjoyed watching the librarian read the books and even clapped when she finished each story!

Watching the librarian read

Clapping at the end of the stories

After storytime they do a craft project.  Today’s project was to create a puppy out of construction paper.  I glued all the pieces down for Wyatt and then he added some color with a crayon.  He only tried to lick the crayon, so I feel we are making progress!!  :o)

Coloring during Craft Time

While I was cleaning up our craft area Wyatt took off into the Library.  I chased him into the kids section of the library where he proceeded to take books off the shelves.  I think he was trying to show me which ones he wanted to check out.  I assured him that when he got older (translation – When he stops trying to eat books) we could come to the library and he could pick out as many books as they allow!!

Headed into the kids section

Looking through all the kids books

This one looks good Mommy

After Storytime we headed to Target to pick up a couple of things in preparation for Wyatt’s birthday party later this month!  We grabbed a couple of grocery items I needed and then headed home.  We were in the car for about 3 minutes and I saw this – I guess Storytime makes for a sleepy boy.  We can’t wait to go again next week, where the topic is Mice!

Passed Out


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