More Dump Truck Fun…

First and foremost, I must publicly thank Grandma and PapPap for purchasing the dump truck for Wyatt at Christmas.  We had NO idea at that time how many hours/weeks/months/years of fun it would provide our little boy! 

It started as a truck he could “work on” with his little hammer as pictured below…

Then it became a toy that he could push and provided him the ability to walk all over the house.  As the video here proves.

Last night Paul upped the ante.  He made it a ride-on toy that provided Wyatt with an evening of FUN!  (Note – Wyatt does own clothes, but when it is 8000 degrees outside so we aren’t leaving the house, it isn’t worth the argument and fight of trying to put him in clothes!  Plus – Our AC has been acting crazy and at one point today it was 85 degrees downstairs and 93 upstairs!  To be honest, NONE of us wanted to be wearing clothes… No fear, Mommy and Daddy stayed dressed!!  :o)  )

Here is a video of Wyatt’s fun time last night…

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