A couple clips…

I had a request for more videos of our favorite little guy, thus the reason for all the videos!  I promise to be back with a mixture of videos and pictures this coming week.

Wyatt got a little soccer ball from one of my Dad’s good friends for Christmas last year.  He loves to push it around and chase it.  Last night Paul was kicking it around the kitchen and Wyatt started laughing hysterically.  I was on the phone with my Grandma and she could hear Wyatt’s belly laughs and was trying to figure out what was going on.  I tried to explain, but figured a video would truly show how much Wyatt LOVES playing with his Daddy.  Please note how Wyatt never leaves the “goalie box”, and Paul would like for everyone to notice his “mad soccer skills”.  (I told him he had an unfair advantage seeing Wyatt is not even 11 months yet!)

The next clip is to show an ordinary evening around our house.  Wyatt just cruises around the furniture, crawls around and “talks”.  Watch closely near the end for the way he “hands” the remote to Paul.  Too funny!!


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