Bathtub Fun…

Since Wyatt has become mobile we keep our bedroom door closed, so he can’t get into anything.  Whenever we are in our room Wyatt makes a mad dash to join us.  Whether he is trying to play with the iron cord, trying to chew on our phone chargers, or staring at himself in the mirror, he LOVES being in our room.  His favorite thing to do while in our room is to high-tail it to the bathroom.  At first he would only play with the door stoppers or the scale, but lately he has discovered the magic of the Bathtub.  He pulls up on the side of the tub and goes back and forth along the side.  The other night he was playing in the bathroom and all the sudden I heard the water running.  He had figured out how to turn the handles to start the water!  He was SOO proud of himself!  (**Disclaimer: At this point, there is NO way that Wyatt could climb/fall into the tub so we are not concerned.  As he gets a little older and stronger, we will no longer allow him into the bathroom unattended!)

Here are some pictures of my very resourceful little guy!

Working on those handles

Soo proud - Clapping his hands!

Running Water


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