Kindermusik and Reading…

Saturday we had a make-up Kindermusik class and Paul was able to attend with us.  Wyatt enjoyed having Daddy and Mommy at class and LOVED showing Daddy how to play with the egg shakers and do the circle dances.  Here are some of my favorite pictures from Saturday morning –

Daddy - These are the egg shakers I tell you all about...

Daddy - This is how you shake, shake, shake them!

Mommy and Wyatt dancing!

Daddy and Wyatt doing a circle dance!

 After Kindermusik we ran some errands and Wyatt took a WONDERFUL nap, which allowed Paul and I to get some stuff done around the house!

Our good friends Erin and Darren brought over a yummy dinner of Brats, Saurkraut, Cole Slaw, Homemade Potato Salad and Key Lime Pie for dessert.  Erin is expecting their first child, a daughter, in September.  We always have a blast when they come over.  Wyatt especially enjoyed having Darren around.  He grabbed his hands and spent some time walking with him and then climbed into his lap to look through a book.  It was adorable, and made Darren feel really special!!  Here are some pictures of Wyatt and Darren “reading”!

Looking at the pictures

Looking at Darren

Sooo sweet.


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