Weekend Recap and Fireworks

I was very unsure how Wyatt would react to the 4th of July fireworks.  Paul and I have really enjoyed buying fireworks and setting them off in the neighborhood the past two years.  We figured we would give it a try again this year, becoming Wyatt’s 4th of July tradition.

On July 2nd, Wyatt was up later than usual, so around 8:45 we headed outside to set off a couple of fireworks.  We wanted to make sure he experienced them, just in case he went to bed at normal time on the 3rd (The day we celebrated since Paul worked the 4th).  We started with some sparklers, Wyatt was in a trance!  Paul lit some sparkling cones, big fireworks and roman candles.  Wyatt would watch the firework and then clap when it was over!  It was so cute!

Watching Daddy with the Sparkler

Watching the fireworks

The evening of the 3rd we had some friends over for a BBQ.  After we ate we decided to set off the rest of our fireworks.  We invited some of our neighbors over to watch as well.  It was a really fun evening!

Paul helping Tucker with a Sparkler

Wyatt watching the Big Kids play

On the 4th, Wyatt and I were invited over to our neighbors, Tarah and Tyler’s for dinner.  Wyatt LOVES playing with their son Tucker (almost 3).  He has all sorts of neat toys, and is so sweet with Wyatt.  After we had dinner we watched Tyler set off some more fireworks!  Needless to say, Wyatt got his fix of fireworks this year, and can’t wait for them next year!!

Hope everyone had a wonderful 4th of July weekend, just like us!!


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