A Day with “Aunt” Becca

Yesterday Wyatt and I had a wonderful, fun-filled day with “Aunt” Becca.  Becca is a Pi Beta Phi from the University of Memphis, and has been Wyatt’s main babysitter since he was born.  He LOVES his “Aunt” Becca and she LOVES him (I adore her as well!)!

Wyatt and I were supposed to meet one of the Kindermusik mom’s and her daughter at the Zoo at 9am.  As we were pulling into the Zoo she called to say that her daughter was sick early in the morning, and they overslept their alarms.  She didn’t think they would be able to make it to meet us. 

Wyatt and I planned on going to see Becca after we left the Zoo, so we just went to her condo early.  We spent the morning swimming in the pool with her!  After we swam, we headed to the Zoo for the afternoon.  We grabbed something to eat and walked around.  Wyatt was especially excited to see the Panda bears, they were napping right against the window and he LOVED looking at them!! 

Wyatt and I had a great day with “Aunt” Becca!!  Here are some pictures from our SUPER fun day!

Wyatt and "Aunt" Becca

Wyatt and Mommy

Sleepy Panda Bear

"Mommy do you see that Panda Bear?"

Swimming and the Zoo makes for a sleepy Wyatt

**On another note, Paul, Wyatt and I would like to wish Aunt Kathleen a VERY Happy Birthday!!  We love you!**


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