Last night, Wyatt and I watched Katherine, my friend Alaina’s 5 week old baby, while Alaina and Martin went to dinner. 

I was really excited to have a sweet little itty-bitty baby around, but was nervous to see how Wyatt would handle it. 

I was very surprised that Wyatt was so protective, caring, and gentle with Katherine.  He would pull up on the couch where she was sitting and just stare at her.  At one point he touched her toes, but that was it – no grabbing, hitting, or scratching! 

It was interesting how he reacted to me holding her; he wanted to be in my lap too.  He wanted me to hold him.  He refused to hold his own bottle; requiring me to feed him which he hasn’t wanted in MONTHS!  All the sudden he wanted to be a little baby- I think he was nervous I was trading him in! 

I gave him extra hugs and kisses before putting MY baby to bed.  Then I rocked and held baby Katherine as she drifted into her own sweet dreams.  It was nice to have that itty-bitty baby around, yet it made me realize how much FUN Wyatt is now!!  I wouldn’t trade my little baby for any baby in the world!! 

Here are some pictures from Wyatt and Katherine’s first playdate!  Hopefully it is only the first of many playdates to come!

Miss Katherine

Don't Worry Katherine, My Mommy will make you some Milk. That makes everything better!

Keeping an eye on Katherine

Checking to make sure she is strapped in tight!


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