Daddys Day 2010

Mommy said I could make the post today – All about Daddy.

I’m not really sure why Mommy says today is “Daddy’s Day”, but she said to give him an extra big hug and lots of kisses, so I did.  We also got him some cards, they made him smile, and I picked out a tent for him.  Now he can take me camping, he says its LOTS of fun and I’ll really enjoy it! 

Mommy picked out some soap for the cars so they can take baths.  She said Daddy likes to give the car a bath, I can understand that, I love baths.  I wonder if they play with toys in the tub like I do?

Mommy made Daddy a special breakfast with pancakes and sausage.  He seemed to really like it.  Then he went to work.  It makes me sad when he leaves for work, but Mommy said he works hard so we can have fun toys. 

Mommy said I should say some things I like about Daddy so here are some reasons I love my Daddy-

– I love when he tickles me and makes me laugh.  We always have so much fun playing.

– I love when he makes me fly like an airplane around the house.

– I love when he takes me fun places – The pumpkin patch, the metro, the Zoo, the Lake, the pool just to name some.

– I love that he watches Football with me.  We both like the Razorbacks!

– I love that he takes such good care of me and Mommy.  He gives us lots of hugs and kisses, even when we don’t want them!

Most of all, I love Daddy because he is my best friend (just don’t tell Mommy I said so)!

Mommy helped me make this video for Daddy, I hope he likes it.  I hope you all like it too!

Happy Daddy’s Day –



P.S. – Mommy says today we should celebrate all the Daddy’s, so Happy Daddy’s Day to Granddaddy, Doodah, PapPap and PawPaw too!  I love you!

Daddy and Me - Daddy's Day 2010

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