Water Baby…

Summer has officially hit Memphis, TN!!  Temperatures have been into the low 90s, over 100 with the heat index, with temperatures that high, we’ve been trying to find ways to stay cool!

Sunday afternoon (13th) Wyatt and I attended a 1st birthday party for Kaitlyn, one of our neighbors.  She had a water party in her backyard.  Being the “water baby” Wyatt is, he spent the whole time splashing around in the frog pool and playing with the squirt water toys.  He happened to be the only little boy there for a while, so he got a LOT of attention from the little girls.  (His Daddy would have been so proud)

Wyatt in the frog pool

Birthday Girl - Kaitlyn

The "little" kids

 On the pool note – Paul was not crazy about the original “pool” I got for Wyatt this summer.  Since our backyard isn’t level, it created a HUGE MUDDY mess with all the sprinklers.  While at Wal-Mart last week, we picked up a different little pool for the summer.  After the success at the Birthday party in the frog pool, I decided to fill his little pool and get him outside yesterday afternoon. 

One of the MAJOR drawbacks of living in a new neighborhood is the lack of old trees to provide shade from the hot summer sun!  Paul got us a sport-brella on sale at Dick’s Sporting goods last month, it provides the perfect shade for outdoor activities!  It was a great purchase, that I am sure we will use for years to come.  The best part – It only requires ONE person to put up/take down!! 

Yesterday I put out the pool, let the water warm up a little, and then positioned the umbrella to provide the most shade.  Wyatt played for about an hour and then took a nap.  He woke up from his nap wanting to go back in the pool.  So back outside we went, where Wyatt played for another hour.  Then he spent a half an hour playing in the tub last night!  He cried when I got him out, which means he probably would have stayed in longer if I had let him! 

Here are some pictures and a video of my “Water Baby” yesterday afternoon. 

Lounging in the pool

All SMILES for Mommy

Swimming with his water toys

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