4 day weekend

Last week Paul had to work the mid-shift Wednesday night, so he got home at 7am Thursday(6/3) morning.  Since he didn’t have to return to work until Sunday afternoon, we decided to take a mini family vacation. 

Midday Thursday we packed up the Tahoe and headed towards Jackson, TN.  We stopped at Gander Mtn so that Paul could take a look at all the hunting/fishing equipment they carry.  After browsing awhile we headed to Land Between the Lakes.  We were extremely lucky to show up right before the South Welcome station closed.  The park ranger gave us some maps and brochures, and recommended where to find hotels on the Kentucky side of the park.  We loaded back into the car and headed through the park.  While driving through the park we saw about 12 deer, 6 wild turkey’s, a racoon, and a dog (which looked like a wolf!).  We made it into Kentucky and headed to the closest hotel to check in for the night.  After setting up the pack and play (Wyatt’s portable crib), letting Wyatt play for a bit, we decided to go get some dinner.  Everyone we asked recommended the same place, Patti’s Settlement, so we decided to go there.

The recommendation did not disappoint.  They had quite a few activities on the compound including; a pink tractor, remote control boats, some animals, cute shops, playgrounds and restaurants.  We checked out all of the activities while waiting for dinner.  Patti’s is known for strawberry butter (so delicious we bought a jar!), flower-pot bread, 2 inch pork chops, and pie.  We enjoyed fried pickles, cheese sticks, homemade potato chips, and chicken tenders as an appetizer.  Then came the delicious bread and butter with Paul’s salad.  Then our dinners came out, Paul got the 2 in pork chops and vegetable medley; both melted in your mouth.  I got a BBQ chicken luau salad, it came on a bed of pineapple slices and fresh fruit!  Dinner was so yummy, and we were stuffed!  I couldn’t leave without getting a piece of Key Lime Pie (my FAVORITE) to go.  So yummy!!

Remote Control Boat


Wyatt steering the Boat

Patti's Settlement Sign

Friday morning we woke up, enjoyed the complimentary breakfast at the hotel, and headed back into Land Between the Lakes to drive around.  We spent most of the day driving around the various campsites and seeing everything the park had to offer. 

In the park there is an Elk and Bison range that you can drive through.  When we pulled into the range the heard of Bison were standing in the middle of the road!  It provided the opportunity to take some great close-up pictures!

Land Between the Lakes Sign

Bison Grazing

After the Bison and Elk range we headed over to “The Homestead” to take a tour of a 19th century farm.  After we toured the farm we took a break to cool off and play some unique instruments in the gift shop!

Wyatt watching Mommy play the Lap Harp

Daddy's turn to "rock" the lap harp

Can't remember the name of the instrument, but it was really fun to play!

After leaving the gift shop we headed to Paris Landing State Park.  We were really fortunate to get the LAST available hotel room!  The hotel was really nice and every room had a view of the Kentucky Lake!  We got settled in our room and headed to the lake to do some swimming.  We quickly realized that Wyatt is going to be quite the water baby!  He LOVED his float and was a natural in the water. 

View from our room

Wyatt in his float

Family Photo

Swimming with Daddy

Saturday morning we woke up and headed into the town of Paris, TN.  We enjoyed a little shopping on the square, taking our picture in front of the Eiffel Tower, and going wine tasting.  After a wonderful day we headed home.  It’s always nice to get away for a long weekend, but it’s REALLY nice to come home!

Mommy and Wyatt at the "Eiffel Tower"

Daddy and Wyatt


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