Post #100

That’s right, 100 posts.  Wow. 

I want to thank those of you who read this blog.  It started as a way to share pictures with family and friends but has become so much more for me.  It has become a way to document our lives, a way to tell our stories, in my voice, for Wyatt to have for all time. 

In the past 99 posts, you have read about Paul and I dating, our wedding, various trips, and my pregnancy.  You shared in the birth of Wyatt, and have watched him grow over the past 9 months.  I hope that you continue to share in our stories, pictures, and watch as Wyatt grows (and maybe as we add to the Berger bunch in years to come!)!

As a tribute to the 99 posts before this one, I would like to share some of my favorite pictures with you (again):

Pumpkin Patch/Haunted Hayride Virginia Beach October 2005

Mr. and Mrs. (11/10/07)

Our Baby Boy

Purple Preggo Pals

Lots of Icing Chocolate Cupcake (5/16/09)

Our little Sunshine - 6/09

Daddy Loves his Baby Boy...

Our Family of Three


Mommy, Wyatt, Grandaddy


Wyatt and Paul's Parents "Doodah and Sweetie"

Sweet Boy

Lara and Wyatt

Grandma and PapPap

Kathleen and Wyatt

Family Pumpkin Patch Picture 2009

Wyatt imitating Daddy

Razorback Fans...


Family Photo Nov 09

Group Shot 2009

One Happy Boy! Nov 09

That's right... A dirt bike "this big"

Christmas Morning

Family Photo 1/1/2009

Got your toes!! Uncle Michael and Wyatt 01/10

Staring Contest

TJ, Chrissie, Sophie, Wyatt, Me, Paul (Notice Sophie and Wyatt are holding hands)

Wyatt, Aunt Kathleen, Sam, Patron

See the teeth?!

Reading with Uncle Michael 3/10

Familiy Photo 1

Yum yum yum... toes

Zoo 4/10

Hammer + Dump Truck = Happy Wyatt 5/10

Showing off his teeth!

Mommy and Wyatt with the egg shakers

I hope you enjoyed the walk down memory lane in pictures…  Here’s to another 100 posts…


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