Memorial Day

So, I’m a little late, BUT, we have been super busy around the Berger household lately.  Paul’s family had a big barbeque the Sunday of Memorial Day.  Paul had to work, but I decided that Wyatt and I should go and represent our little family!  So, Wyatt and I got packed up and headed to Little Rock to meet up with the crazy group!

It was the longest road trip that Wyatt and I had done by ourselves, and we did just fine.  Wyatt did really well in the car, only freaking out the last couple miles.  He was just ready to be there!

Wyatt was really excited when his cousins Bowen and Heston showed up.  He loved playing with Heston’s toys and laughing at Bowen!


We spent the afternoon lounging under the shade of some HUGE trees.  We enjoyed family time, good conversation, and some YUMMY cheese dip!  Then the storm clouds moved in with lots of thunder, so we all headed inside to take cover.  Late afternoon we feasted on an incredible meal consisting of; gulf shrimp, pulled bbq, corn, potato salad, brats, cooked potatoes, cole slaw, broccoli salad, a couple of pies and banana pudding!  It was so delicious! 

After dinner we took some group pictures.

L-R - Aunt Darlene, Aunt Ginny, Uncle Billy, Sweetie, Aunt Marsha

The "kids" with Mimi and PawPaw

Mimi with 3 of her great grandchildren - Wyatt, Bowen, Heston

That night Wyatt and I headed to Russellville to spend the night with Doodah and Sweetie.  Wyatt was excited to get to spend more time with his cousins, Aunt Susan, Uncle JW, grandparents, and great-grandmother.  We ended up spending two nights in Russellville and getting home Tuesday afternoon, just a few minutes after Paul got home from work!  Wyatt was SUPER excited to see his Daddy, and well, I guess I missed him a little too!!  :o)

It was such a fun weekend, nice for Wyatt and I to get away, and nice for Daddy to have some quiet time!  Doodah and Sweetie – We can’t wait to visit you again soon!


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