Nine Months

Nine Months

Nine Month Collage


Showing off his teeth!

What are you up too at Nine Months Wyatt? 

–  You have started eating Puffs and Yogurt Melts.  You enjoy feeding yourself in your high chair, in shopping carts, or sitting at tables in restaurants.  

–  You have started to scoot/crawl around.  At first you were afraid of the hardwood and tile, but quickly got over that fear and now you are all over the downstairs!  We have to keep doors closed so you can’t get in too much trouble. 

–  You love playing with door stoppers and empty plastic bottles.  You hit the door stoppers so they make sounds, sometimes working them off the holders.  You wait patiently for us to put them back on and start hitting them all over again.  It cracks us all up!  You love chasing plastic bottles around the house.  It provides hours of amusement for all of us. 

–  In the last week you have cut all 4 of your top teeth and are currently working on your other bottom 2 teeth.  The last couple of days have been really rough for us, nothing seems to make your pain go away.  We have tried teething tablets, Motrin, Tylenol, Orajel, frozen items, and lots of hugs and kisses!  Your Daddy and I just hope the next couple of days can provide you some comfort and you get back to your fun and spunky self!

–  You love to pull up on us and stand beside the coffee table.  You were able to grab a coaster the other day, bang it against the coffee table and put some dents in it!  Daddy said you’re lucky you are so cute, otherwise you would have been in BIG trouble!

– We have your 9 month Doctors appointment on Friday, so guesses of height and weight are welcome!  Will post on Friday/Monday with the results!!

Wyatt – Every month your Daddy and I say that “THIS” is our favorite age.  Again this month I have to say it, this is my favorite age!  You respond to your name, are trying to talk to us, smile big when we come into the room, and are a complete joy!  Your Daddy and I are so overjoyed by you, so in love with you, and can’t for a second imagine our lives without you!!!


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