Baby Proofing…

Last week we worked really hard at baby-proofing the house.  We figured since Wyatt is getting around pretty good, that we should take the necessary precautions.  We installed plug covers, cabinet locks under all the sinks, and a gate at the top of the stairs.  We were at a loss with what to do at the bottom of the stairs since we only have railing on one side.  We figured when Wyatt got closer to walking and really climbing we would figure out what to do.

We thought we would have some time before it would become a real issue, we were wrong.

Tonight, the 26th, I was sitting on the stairs talking to Paul, Wyatt scooted right on over, pulled up, and was climbing the stairs.  I sent Paul to get the video camera and this is what he captured.  I guess we need to figure something out ASAP… (Ideas are welcome.)


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