Weekend Recap

I will first apologize, I was not any better at blogging last week.  The sad part is, I have NO idea what we did that kept me so busy!  I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that Wyatt is in to EVERYTHING these days.  He is getting really fast at scooting around, which causes me to be constantly wondering what he is getting into!

The big thing that I did last week was to prepare the house for guests/Paul’s birthday.  Paul’s best friend Shane, his wife Bethany, and Paul’s god-daughter Sophie, came to visit us starting LATE Thursday night.  I think it might have been around 11 pm when they arrived.  We were all really excited to see each other, spent some time chatting, and then tried to get some sleep for the busy weekend ahead of us!

Friday morning, Paul’s Birthday, Paul and Shane were up early to go fishing!  They rented a boat and spent the day on Glenn Springs Lake.  They didn’t catch any fish but they said they had a blast anyway!

Enjoying his birthday

Shane Fishing

While the boys were fishing, Bethany and I spent the day with the kids.  We spent the morning playing at the house, then the kids took naps and we watched the Greys Anatomy Season Finale.  When the kids woke up from naps, we took them to the mall.  We did a some shopping, let them play in the play area, and stopped on the way home to get balloons for the Birthday Boy!

That evening Becca came over to stay with the kids so the adults could go out for dinner/drinks.  It was a wonderful way to spend the evening.

Saturday morning, Bethany and I got up and headed out to run some errands while the guys stayed home with the kids.  We went to Babies R Us, back to the mall to exchange some purchases, and to Walmart.  It was nice to get out with just her!  When we got home all of us went to lunch at Stevie B’s – a local pizza place.  It was really yummy, and everyone enjoyed it!

After lunch, Paul and Shane wanted to go to Bass Pro and Dicks Sporting Goods, so Bethany and I brought the kids home and let them play in the “pool” in the backyard.  Here are some of the best pictures from Wyatt’s first “pool” experience!

Wyatt Splashing


Both kids in the pool

Sophie watching Wyatt go down the slide

The kids had SOO much fun playing!  They played for almost 2 full hours before they got cranky and it was time for a nap!  When Paul and Shane got home and it was time for dinner, the kids got back in the pool so they could show the Dad’s how much fun it is! 

Saturday evening we had a delicious dinner of steaks, corn, and squash!  Then we enjoyed some red velvet birthday cake!  After the kids went to bed, I worked on a sewing project for Bethany, and we all watched TV.

Sunday morning we woke up, had sausage gravy and biscuits for breakfast, and spent the morning watching the kids play.  The kids went down for morning naps and we used that time to clean up, and get Shane and Bethany packed up.  After naps, we dressed the kids in color coordinated outfits and tried to get some pictures.  It seemed like it would be easier to do than it actually was, here are some of the best shots.

Sophie wouldn't look at us and Wyatt was a ham!

Holding Hands

I love how Wyatt crosses his ankles... So precious!

 Overall I think Paul had a pretty great Birthday weekend.  I know Wyatt and I had a great time hanging out with Bethany and Sophie and we can’t wait for our next family-time weekend!!


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