Last Week – Rainy Day

We had a very busy week, so I was a major blog slacker.  I plan on being better this week!

Last Monday was a rainy, yucky, awful day.  I knew we had to get out of the house, but wasn’t quite sure what to do.  One of my neighbors, Tarah, has two little boys, Tucker (will be 3 in August) and Tanner (5 weeks), told me she takes the boys to the Mall play area to exert some energy when it is yucky outside. 

After hearing that I decided I could give it a try – whats the worst that could happen – Wyatt wouldn’t want to play so we would walk around the mall and do some window shopping?  Luckily for my wallet, Wyatt enjoyed scooting around the play area and watching the big kids play! 

Here are some pictures from our visit…

In the Airplane

Climbing through the log

Amazed by his reflection

All the way through, watching the big kids!

As he grows up I think this play area will be a great way to spend some of these Rainy Days!


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