Wet Weekend Wrap-Up

To say that this weekend was wet would be an understatement.  A HUGE, flooded, downpouring, soaking wet, understatement.  This weekend also happened to be the annual Memphis in May Beale Street Music Festival. 

One of my oldest and best friends, Julie and her boyfriend Evan, flew into town to attend the Music Festival.  The weekend started out great, lunch at Uncle Lou’s after picking them up from the airport.  Then off to Beale Street to walk around and hang out.  That night (Friday) we got a sitter to come watch Wyatt so we could have an adults only night out! 

Friday night the storms moved in (just like LIONS), so we watched the weather channel until we went to sleep.  At 4:30am we woke up to the sound of the tornado sirens!  We immediately turned on the news and they were saying to get ready to go to your safe place!  I grabbed Wyatt, yelled up to Julie and Evan, and we all hung out in our room, glued to the news until we heard that the threat was over.  Then everyone went back to bed! 

Saturday ended up being a day full of AWFUL storms, lots of tornado sirens, and TONS of rain!  Luckily the storms let up in the afternoon so Julie and Evan were able to head downtown and take in some of the music.  Unfortunately, a really bad storm had Memphis in its sights, causing the sirens to go off, and the festival was evacuated! 

Sunday the storms went out like lambs, and we ended up with a beautiful afternoon!!  Julie and Evan spent the day hanging out downtown, and then we had some BBQ for dinner. 

We snapped some pictures before we all headed to bed last night, knowing Wyatt wouldn’t be up in the morning.

Evan, Wyatt and Julie

Checking each other out!!

Mommy, Wyatt, Julie

Julie and Evan – We had a WONDERFUL visit with you and we can’t wait for you to come back and see us really soon!!


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