Eight Months

**Pictures were taken on his Birthday, but Wyatt did NOT want to cooperate to let me get a post together!! **

Eight Months

Eight Month Collage

What are you up too at Eight Months Wyatt? 

–  You still LOVE your safe baby feeder.  You have tried lots of foods in it, and haven’t found one you don’t like.  It keeps you entertained and buys Mommy a little time to get stuff done in the kitchen!!  Even if you aren’t eating, you LOVE to sit in your high chair and play with toys.   

–  You have learned to clap, and really focus on what your hands are capable of doing!  You are very accurate with your movements.  We love the accomplished look on your face when you do something new!

–  You are quite the wiggle worm!  You LOVE to lay on your belly and wiggle around the room.  You are SO close to crawling, you rock back and forth on your hands and knees, and even move backwards!  You just need to master moving forward, and then you will be GONE! 

–  We are still working on perfecting your schedule, but you are a good baby with a great disposition.

–  You have been without your pacifier for over a month now, and you have done so great!

–  We are a family of movers and shakers, and you fit right in.  You love to be on the go, and get SUPER excited when we bring out your carseat.  You know that means we are headed out, and you will get to see or do something! 

Wyatt, You are the best thing that has ever happened to your Daddy and I.  We love spending time with you, watching you learn, grow, and change!  We are so proud of your little milestones, and can’t wait to be right beside you as you have even bigger milestones.  We can’t wait to see surprises the next month will hold.  We love you more than anything in this world, and always will.


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