Best. Birthday. Ever.

Those three words describe my birthday this year.  It was, honestly, my Best. Birthday. Ever. 

The Birthday festivities started on Saturday evening, we had a couple of friends over for a BBQ.  Paul made my FAVORITE, Coconut Shrimp, as appetizers.  We had burgers, baked beans, deviled eggs, cantaloupe, macaroni salad, and then for dessert, Funfetti Cake!  It was such a wonderful time, with wonderful friends!

Mommy and Wyatt

Blowing out the candles

 Sunday, my actual birthday, Paul was able to take leave from work!  It made me so happy to be able to spend my birthday with my two favorite boys!  We were invited to meet Susan, Jerry, Bowen, and Heston, as well as some of Jerry’s family, for an afternoon at the Zoo. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from our Zoo trip.

Cousins - Heston and Wyatt

Cousins - Bowen and Wyatt

Watching the Sea Lions

Family Photo

Wyatt in a GIANT egg

Happy Boy

Mommy, Wyatt, and the Cow

After the Zoo, we ate dinner at Applebee’s.  It was the perfect ending to the perfect day.  I got everything I wished for and more, some great gifts, a healthy family, an evening with good friends, and some wonderful family time.  It was the –  BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!


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