Daddy and Wyatt

I am so lucky to have the husband and life that I do.  Paul is such an incredible father, supportive spouse, and my best friend.  He knew that I have been tired and I just needed a break.  So, Friday morning when Wyatt woke up, Paul went and got him out of bed, got both Wyatt and himself ready and they spent the morning doing “boy” stuff.  They went to get Paul’s hair cut, returned a Redbox DVD, went to a couple of stores, and brought me breakfast from Sonic.  Paul let me sleep in late and spend the day relaxing doing things I love, but don’t have time to do as much as I used too, including some scrapbooking. 

From the moment Wyatt was born, people have said how much he looks like Paul.  When we were at Doodah and Sweetie’s house Easter weekend we found this picture of Paul…

Paul 6 months

Makes me smile, he is going to grow up to look just like his Daddy!!  Here is a picture of my two favorite boys this weekend (Wyatt LOVES dressing like his Daddy, and Camoflauge shorts are a MUST!), notice anything different?

Like Father Like Son

(Imagine my shock, surprise, and huge SMILE when I saw Paul’s face with no facial hair for the first time in 1.5 yrs! Woo hoo!! Let’s see how long a smooth face lasts…)

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