Sunday Evening Play Date

When we first moved here, we didn’t really know anyone.  A couple of people from Paul’s FAA class in Oklahoma City, but other than that, we were on our own.  I met a couple of the families in our neighborhood, but it wasn’t until our neighborhood Christmas party that I met Tara, Derek, and their beautiful daughter Kaylee.  Tara and I spent the party chasing after Kaylee and chatting.  I had no idea at that point, that Tara and I would become best friends. 

Derek is a firefighter/paramedic and works a crazy schedule.  Tara and I try to get together with the kids as often as possible while the husbands are working.  We enjoy making trips to Target/Walmart, strolling through the Mall, and we cherish our sporadic Sunday evening “Girls Dinner/Play Dates”.  (To be perfectly honest, we did all of these things before Wyatt was born, but it has become even more important to both of us to have that adult interaction with the little ones!)

This past Sunday night, Tara and Kaylee came over to have breakfast for dinner with us.  Kaylee LOVES sitting beside Wyatt at dinner (Kaylee in Wyatt’s booster seat/ Wyatt in his highchair).  They sit and smile and flirt back and forth.  We know we are in for trouble when they are older!  After dinner the kids always “play” together while Tara and I chat.  We decided to take some pictures of them playing together…

Kaylee was trying to give Wyatt kisses and Wyatt would push her away!

Chewing on toys

Wyatt sharing his boat with Kaylee

Kaylee putting the toys away

And just to make you smile/make his Daddy proud…

Trying to lift up Kaylee's dress


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