Wyatt and Food

I feel like I have blinked and my baby is turning into a little boy!

I’m sure I have mentioned this (but just in case, I’m going to visit the subject again…), Wyatt is NOT a fan of baby food.  He doesn’t like anything about it, or at least that is what I thought at first.  Whenever we would try to feed him, he would cough, gag, and vomit.  I asked the Doctor at his 6 month check up and he said that Wyatt probably just has a strong gag reflex, nothing to be concerned about.  He told me to back off the food; it wasn’t worth the frustration at that point.

Whenever Wyatt would sit at the table with us, he would watch with envy as we ate.  He would watch the food go from the plate to fork to mouth.  When we would close our mouths to chew, he would imitate the action.  It made me wonder, “Does he think he is too much of a “big boy” for baby food?  Does he want to just skip to “big people” food?”  That’s when I decided to purchase a safe baby feeder.  It is a really neat system; you put food into a mesh bag which has a handle that Wyatt can use to feed himself.

We got it for Wyatt, and watched with amusement and amazement as he devoured slices of banana.  Here is a clip of his first taste of “real people” banana…

His blink/flinch is him swallowing; now he doesn’t make that awful face!!  Since his first experience with banana, he has tried; strawberries, cantaloupe, watermelon, and a couple of flavors of Gerber puffs!  He hasn’t met a food that he doesn’t like, as long as it looks like “big people” food, and he can feed himself!!

One Response to “Wyatt and Food”

  1. Brenda Says:

    He is such a little man!! You were right about him thinking he was too big for the baby food!! Some babies just don’t like it and some are so hard to break from it. I’ve had both. I am so glad he can eat big people food!! Just think of all the stuff the gets to try!!! I love the video and his face!!! He is so sweet! ~BB~

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