Family Visit

I mentioned our trip to Paul’s hometown in a post earlier this week, but thought I would take this chance to share more details about our trip.

We left for Paul’s hometown Thursday afternoon.  It takes about 4 hours to get there, so we called his parents to see if they wanted to meet us for dinner before we got all the way into town.  We met his parents and his grandmother, Mom, for dinner and enjoyed good conversation and good food.  After dinner, we headed to the house and unpacked.  We hung out and played with Wyatt, and then headed to bed.

Friday morning, Wyatt decided to get up for the day at 6:30!  I spent the morning trying to keep him quiet so he wouldn’t wake everyone up!!  Eventually everyone woke up, we worked on a jigsaw puzzle, got ready, and waited for Paul’s sister Lara, to get into town.  Once she arrived we headed to one of my favorite places in town for lunch, Stoby’s!  We enjoyed lunch and then Paul, Wyatt and I went to check out a local children’s clothing consignment shop.  I was able to find a couple of items for Wyatt, including a seersucker suit from Baby Gap!!  It only cost me $14, and looks BRAND new! 

After we got home from visiting the store, the storms started rolling in.  We put Wyatt down for a nap, and Linda (Paul’s mom) and I got busy working on a tie for Wyatt.  Linda is a quilter, so she has tons and tons of fabrics, so I found the perfect pale paisley fabric to fashion a tie!  We created a “pattern” and started sewing.  I was soo excited when we finished and the tie was PERFECT!!  After finishing up the tie, we used her embroidery machine to put Wyatt’s initials on two polo shirts.  (I think monogrammed items are so adorable, and have struggled with what I could monogram for Wyatt.  I think little initials on a polo is the perfect balance between monogramming and “boy”!)

The storms moved in Friday afternoon, and stayed late into the night.  Paul and I decided to brave the weather and run a couple of errands while Wyatt spent some quality time with the grandparents and great-grandma.  On our way home we picked up some fried chicken for dinner!

Saturday morning, we had a delicious breakfast, and got ready to take some pictures.  Frank and Linda (Paul’s parents) have an incredible front yard with beautiful gardens.  I wanted to get some pictures of Wyatt with the flowers and really wanted an updated family picture.  Unfortunately, the storms had beaten most of the flowers down, but we were still able to get some incredible pictures!  We want to give a BIG thank you to Lara who crawled around on the ground, made the silly windshield wiper sound, and did everything she could to make Wyatt look at her, smile and get a good picture!!  It means so much to us! 

You will notice a beautiful 1949 Chevy Truck in some of the pictures below, it is Frank’s new-old truck.  It is fully restored and is absolutely amazing!  Doodah- Thank you for letting us use your truck in our impromptu photo shoot!!

I hope you enjoy some of my favorite shots from the day…

Taking time to smell the flowers...

Happy Boy

Leaning against his red wagon - so GQ

See Mommy - It fits PERFECTLY!

Looking out the window

Quick outfit change

Family Photo 1

Family Photo 2

Mommy and Wyatt

Being Silly


Wyatt and the Truck


Family Photo 3


Fighting over the Truck...

4 Generations

Wyatt and his grandparents

And finally…

Like Father, Like Son


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