What a difference ONE year makes…

Easter 2009

Easter 2010

Paul has off on Friday and Saturday, so last Thursday when he got off we packed up and headed to spend a few days at his parents house.  We had a tons of fun, and I plan on doing a post full of pictures from our trip this week!  We had to get back to town on Saturday evening to watch Duke play basketball (woo hoo!!), and get Paul ready to head back to work on Sunday.

Easter morning Wyatt woke up and got to get his “goodies” from the Easter Bunny…

Waiting on Mommy to get his basket down

Is all of this for me?!

Looking at all his goodies!! He got an Easter Bib, bath tug boats, some plastic eggs (not filled), a DVD, a book, Easter Bunny ears, and a "cell phone"

Wyatt and I went to my friend Tara’s parents house for Easter Dinner.  Tara’s Mom (Mama Conn) made turkey, cream corn, green beans, dressing, rolls, and a delicious mandarin orange – poppy seed salad.  We ate dinner, had wonderful conversation, and then headed outside to watch Kaylee (Tara’s daughter) hunt for some hidden Easter eggs.

While Mama Conn was hiding the Easter eggs, Kaylee played with her new Bubble wand, and we tried to get a good picture of the kids together.

Kaylee and her Bubble Wand

Kaylee was giggling because Wyatt was touching her back - She followed this face by saying "No Wyatt, my dress, NO touch!"

Then Kaylee had an Easter egg hunt…

Found one!

This way Mama, I see another one!

While Kaylee hunted eggs, Wyatt sat in the grass and played with one of his eggs!

Wyatt in his seersucker pants, paisley tie, and initials shirt!

Then Kaylee showed Wyatt that there are supposed to be goodies inside the eggs.  She was confused when she opened his and it was empty!! 

Like this Wyatt...

After the Egg hunt was done, Wyatt wanted to show off his Bunny ears.

My little bunny

After all that excitement, we spent some time chatting on the back porch, enjoying the beautiful weather.  We had dessert, and then Wyatt and I packed up and headed home. 

We had a wonderful Easter, and we hope you did too!


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