Uncle Michael Visits

My brother, Uncle Michael to Wyatt, came to visit for Spring Break in early March. We spent the week taking in the sights, visiting local museums, viewing historical landmarks, and, of course, eating lots of yummy food!

This was the first time that Uncle Michael had been to our house, and we were really excited to have him come stay for the week! He arrived on Saturday around mid-day, I had lunch plans, so he and Paul took Wyatt and headed to get some wings for lunch. After eating lunch, we met back at the house, packed up, and headed downtown.

Michael was AMAZED by the fact that you could drink a beer and walk down Beale Street. He loved all the live music and the laid-back atmosphere that is abundant in downtown Memphis. We grabbed some drinks and headed down the street. We stopped to listen to some live music in Handy Park, popped into Coyote Ugly to see the girls dance, grabbed a bite to eat and hung out with the goats at Silky O’Sullivans, saw the ducks at the Peabody, took in the views from the roof of the Peabody, watched the Beale Street flippers, gawked at the spray paint artist, listened to some more music, and after all the excitement and adventures of the day, headed home to get a good night’s sleep!

Beale Street Experience

Sunday we headed to a local state park to hang out. Later we enjoyed lunch at the Shelby Forest General Store, one of Justin Timberlake’s favorite places! It was a yummy lunch, and a wonderful day!

Uncle Michael and Wyatt

Sunday afternoon Paul and Uncle Michael headed to the Civil Rights Museum. Later that evening we grilled out. It was a wonderful afternoon!

Monday morning Paul and Uncle Michael headed to Graceland to take the tour. They arrived when it opened and spent the morning touring the house, cars, and automobiles! After the tour, Wyatt and I met them for lunch at Uncle Lou’s, a must eat in the greater Memphis area. Monday evening Uncle Michael and Wyatt read some books and Wyatt showed off his Dump Truck he got for Christmas from Grandma and PapPap.

Animal Book

Dump Truck

Trying to Crawl

 Tuesday night we had a sitter come watch Wyatt, so that Paul, Michael and I could go see a Johnny Cash Tribute band!  was such a fun “adult” night out!

Wednesday was spent recovering from Tuesday! In the afternoon, Paul and Michael met some of Paul’s friends at the gun range.

Thursday morning, Michael and I went to Sun Studios to take the tour. That afternoon Wyatt had a Doctor’s appointment, so Michael took the chance to wash his car. That evening we headed back downtown to enjoy Beale Street one last time! Then it was home to relax and get Michael packed up and ready to head out first thing Friday morning!

Uncle Michael – Paul, Wyatt and I had so much fun while you were here! Thank you for coming to spend your Spring Break with us. We love you very much and can’t wait for you to come visit again, really, really soon!!

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