February 2010

I am way behind on blogging, so I decided to take the whole month of February and put it into one post. 

February, at this point, is a blur to me!  The beginning of the month we were adjusting back into our routine after being out of town; had the cousins visit, went to a consignment sale, attended a birthday party, had Valentine’s Day, and prepared for lots of family visits in March. 

February 6 (I know the date because of the pictures!), Susan, Jerry, Bowen, and Heston came to visit!  We enjoyed a relaxing day of hanging out, admiring their new vehicle, lunch at Uncle Lou’s, and letting the cousins play together!

Wyatt trying to get away from Heston

Heston grabbing Wyatts hair

Heston might be 7 weeks younger, and many pounds lighter, but he thinks he is top dog!!  It will be so fun when they are able to chase each other around and play together!

February 11, I went to a consignment sale, with a friend who is expecting in early May.  We were able to get some great buys, including a Jumperoo for Wyatt!  He would spend most of the time in his exersaucer jumping, so I figured if they had one cheap, I would pick it up and give it a try.  I’m glad I did!!  It has provided HOURS upon HOURS of entertainment for Wyatt, us, and a lot of our family and friends!  For Wyatt, it is a MUST HAVE!

Wyatt in his Jumperoo!

February 13th was Wyatt’s best buddy, Kaylee’s Birthday!  It was Wyatt’s first official Birthday party (Yes, he was with his PapPap and Granddaddy’s for their birthdays, but he got an invitation and bought a present for this party!). 

Kaylee doesn’t seem to notice anyone or anything else when Wyatt is around.  It is all Wyatt, all the time.  So Tara (Kaylee’s mom and my bestie), and I decided that it would be best for Wyatt to arrive to the party before the rest of the family and guests.  We were hoping that this would allow Kaylee to get her Wyatt (or Wy-dit as she calls him) fix, so he would be able to enjoy her birthday party!  Our plan was a success, Kaylee and Wyatt had some special time and then as her cousins and friends showed up, she was off to play! She opened presents, had cake, rode her new tricycle, played some more, and then, when Wyatt needed a bottle, it was back to Wyatt!  Luckily for everyone, that didn’t take place until the end of the party! 

Kaylee's 3rd Birthday Party

Finally, we decided to take have a 6 month photo shoot at a local state park!  We had big plans for different outfits, different settings, it was going to be great.  Unfortunately for us, the weatherman didn’t exactly get the forecast right, so it was chilly, windy, and slightly miserable on the day we went to take his pictures!  Luckily for us, we have a very cooperative child, and were able to get TONS of fantastic pictures.  Here are a few of the poses and favorite shots.

Six Month Collage

That pretty much sums up February, at least the parts of February we have pictures for!  We have had such a busy month, I have been awful at blogging.  I am planning on catching up in the next week, so look for lots of updates, pictures, and maybe even a video of my (rapidly growing) Baby Berger!!

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