Six Months

I know I am late, but better late than never, right?

6 Months

Monthly Picture Collage

What are you up too at Six Months Wyatt? 

 –  We went to the Doctor for your 6 month check up and you weighed 20lbs 12oz, and were 26 ½ in. long!  You are in the 90th percentile for both height and weight!  You are a healthy growing boy!

–  You are still drinking lots of formula every day, and now are eating some baby food as well!! You got a “big boy” highchair and enjoy trying to feed yourself with a spoon!  You LOVE green beans, and are getting better about trying foods and not gagging. 

–  As far as toys go, you love to play with anything you can hold in your hands!  You love rattles, teething rings, etc.  You enjoy sitting on the floor and playing with toys in front of you.  You have become very fond of your soccer ball, and enjoy pushing it across the floor (as best you can).  

–  You roll over quite often and look like you want to start crawling VERY soon! 

– You are quite the little talker!  You love to put on a show for friends, family, and strangers.  You clap, squeal, and screech at anyone who will listen!  It cracks your Daddy and I up, as well as anyone who is around to hear/see!

Wyatt, you are growing and changing so fast!  I can hardly believe in six months you will be a year old!  The first six months have FLOWN by, and I can’t imagine how fast the next six will go!  You continue to make your Daddy and I smile EVERY day, and we love you so much!!


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