Lately Wyatt has been chewing on EVERYTHING, his hands, his paci, teething rings, exersaucer pieces, basically anything he can get in his mouth!  He has also been crankier than usual and had some awful diapers…  Most Mom’s (and Dad’s) probably know what I am talking about… Wyatt has been TEETHING!

Saturday (while watching Miss America), I discovered two little teeth poking through his bottom gum!  I was shocked, excited, and did what I do when Wyatt does something new, I cried.  Paul was pretty excited as well, although he doesn’t cry like I do!

We decided to get some pictures of our new “Sabre Tooth Tiger”…

Sabre Tooth Wyatt

Two Little Teeth!

See the teeth?!

They are still coming in, and every day you can see more of the tooth!  It is such an exciting time!  Next step – A mouth full of teeth to eat yummy table food!!


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