Rolly Polly…

When we were at my Dad’s, Wyatt slept in a pack and play.  I was very pleased with the fact that he adjusted so well to sleeping in that, since he had only slept in it twice before.

While out of town, Paul and I developed a schedule for when Wyatt would wake up.  Paul would get him out of the pack and play while I made a bottle, I would feed him and put him back to sleep.  This system worked really well for us.

Wyatt primarily sleeps on his stomach  – gasp! I know Pediatrician’s and books say that babies should sleep on their backs, but Wyatt won’t sleep on his back.  He screams, yells, and fights until you put him on his belly, and then right to sleep!  He has always had incredible neck strength and we have video monitors, so I watch him very closely! 

I only mention the above because it ties into my little story…  On Wednesday morning (the 20th), Paul went to get Wyatt out of his pack and play, and was SHOCKED to find Wyatt on his back! 

He then asked “Shari, did you put Wyatt to sleep on his back?”

To which I responded “No, Why do you ask?”

I was floored when he said “He is on his back now, so I guess he rolled over!”

WHAT?  My BABY rolled over?  There is no way, he is just too young, rolling over is something ‘big boys’ do, not little babies like mine!  With that, I decided, until I saw Wyatt roll over, it didn’t happen.  Wyatt must have sensed my disbelief, because later on that morning, he looked at me and then flipped on over.  I clapped, cheered and cried.  Wyatt looked at me like I had finally lost it. 

Every morning since, I have woken to find Wyatt wiggling around on his back.  Such a little rolly polly!  He won’t roll over on demand (no matter how hard I try), but every time he starts wiggling in a way that I know it is about to happen I run and grab the camera.

While we were enjoying the Miss America Pageant this weekend (Congratulations Miss Virginia), Wyatt started wiggling so I ran and grabbed the camera and was FINALLY able to get some good pictures!  You have to use your imagination just a little, but here is my ‘big boy’ rolling over…


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