Road Trip Recap Wrap Up

The rest of the week went by in a blink of the eye, and we ended up with very few additional pictures.  So this will be the final wrap up post, and will probably only have a couple of pictures (consider yourself warned…).

Wednesday January 20th, we headed into DC, via the Metro.  Wyatt seemed to really enjoy the Metro, although, he is quite the social butterfly and couldn’t understand why other people on the Metro didn’t want to talk to him!  He was really good on the train, and only fussed a little when he got hungry.  Luckily, I had a bottle waiting, so we had no problem at all!!

We got off the Metro and up to the street level and were greeted by my Dad!  He decided to take off early and spend the afternoon with us!  We headed down the road to a restaurant called, “Ollie’s Trolley” for lunch.  My Dad referred to it as a “Washington Institution”, it has been in business for many years, and has such delicious burgers! 

 After lunch we headed to the American History Museum.  We were really excited about being able to go to this particular museum, since it has been closed for remodeling the past couple of years.  We were so happy that my Dad was able to be with us, and especially grateful that he spent the day pushing Wyatt’s stroller!!  Wyatt spent most of the day sleeping, waking only to get a clean diaper, drink a bottle, and get carried around a little bit!

We were too busy looking at all the different exhibits to snap many pictures.  I’m sure there will be MANY more photo opportunities at Museums, Monuments and Memorials in DC!!

Thursday January 21st, we headed over to Grandma and PapPap’s to spend the afternoon.  Wyatt was not in a very good mood, the lack of napping had finally caught up with him.  He eventually got so tired that we put him in his car seat carrier and headed out the door.  Once we got him in the car, he fell fast asleep, and stayed that way for the next 3.5 hours!  Since he was sound asleep, Paul and I decided it would be the perfect chance to walk around the Outlet Mall.  We got Wyatt a cute pair of train conductor style overalls from Oshkosh, some candles from Yankee Candle, and Paul got a new wallet for $5 at Wilsons.  A successful trip!  After shopping, we headed back to my Dad’s so we could meet him and Ilene for dinner.  We went to a local Italian restaurant, enjoyed a drink, delicious dinner, and WONDERFUL conversation!

Friday January 22nd, we woke up and headed to Grandma’s for a farewell breakfast.  She made eggs, pancakes, ham, biscuits, sausage, and fruit.  It was an amazing way to start our last day in Virginia.  We spent some time hanging out before loading up all the goodies they had gotten us and Wyatt.  We said a very tearful goodbye, and headed out.  We stopped at my long time best friend Julie’s house to visit with her and her parents.  We have known each other for years and years, and I couldn’t wait for the family to meet Wyatt.  He wasn’t in the best of moods, but he smiled and played for a bit with Julie and Mrs. B.  They had gotten Wyatt a couple gifts, and Wyatt was so excited when he saw the bag.  He knew they were for him and immediately started pulling out the tissue paper.  It was ADORABLE!  We spent a little time there, and then back to my Dad’s so we could pack for the drive ahead. 

I spent the afternoon playing with Wyatt while Paul packed the Tahoe.  Let’s just say it was literally packed to the max…

We decided to leave after rush hour, so we met Aunt Kathleen, Uncle Sam, Daddy and Gigi at Chipotle (one of my FAVORITE places) to eat dinner.  We enjoyed burritos, good conversation, and a very tearful goodbye! 

Wyatt slept in the car for awhile, then woke up had a bottle, played for a bit, and fell back asleep.  We made it almost all the way to Bristol, VA and spent the night.  We woke up the next morning and got back on the road.  We made a stop at Bass Pro Outdoor World off of I-40 just east of Knoxville, and again in Nashville.  Wyatt would nap for a little, wake up and play, eat, and nap again.  He did really well on the drive, breaking down when we were about 4 miles from home! 

Anytime I would look in the backseat I would see one of these two things…

Paul, Wyatt, and I would like to Thank EVERYONE who made our first Virginia Trip such a success!!  We LOVED spending time with you all and can’t wait to see you all again soon!!


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