Road Trip Recap #4 – January 19th

Tuesday we got up and headed over to Grandma and PapPap’s to spend the afternoon.  Wyatt loved getting all the attention from his great-grandparents!  He really loved the fact they had so much to do with him…

First Wyatt and Grandma played with a balloon…

Then Wyatt played with Grandma’s watch…

Then Wyatt spent some time looking out the window with Mommy…

Then PapPap and Wyatt played peek-a-boo!

With all that playing Wyatt needed a bottle…

Finally, Grandma played the “get the toes” game with Wyatt

It was a wonderful afternoon playing at Grandma and PapPap’s place!

After leaving their house, we headed to a local restaurant, Sweet Water Tavern to meet up with another one of my childhood friends, Karen and her husband Jeramy.  We really enjoyed having a drink, dinner, and great conversation with an old and new friend! 

As soon as we finished dinner we headed back to my Dad’s so Wyatt could play with his Granddaddy some before bedtime!

Another wonderful day of vacation!


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