Road Trip Recap #3 – January 18

Monday we went to visit one of my long time friends, TJ. My mom and TJ’s Mom (Lynn) were best friends, so TJ and I grew up hanging out! It is actually pretty interesting, Paul and I got married November 10, 2007, TJ and Chrissie got married December 31, 2007. Sophie (TJ and Chrissie’s daughter) was born in May 2009, Wyatt in August 2009. If my mom was still here, I know her and Lynn would love the fact that they became Mother-In-Laws at the same time, and then Grandmother’s at the same time. I like to think that Mommy is smiling down, enjoying every moment of Wyatt’s life, and beaming with pride as she watches me mature into the type of Mother she modeled for me.

I was really looking forward to seeing TJ, Chrissie and Sophie. Chrissie and I keep up with each other through the social networking site facebook. I love looking at the pictures of Sophie, and couldn’t wait to give her a big hug! TJ and I were both looking forward to getting the chance to introduce our babies, so that they could become lifelong friends just like us!

When we first showed up, Sophie and Wyatt were a bit confused as Chrissie took Wyatt, and I took Sophie. They spent some time trying to figure each other out, and eventually became good friends! Lynn and Tommy (TJs parents) stopped by to see us all, and we decided we needed to take the chance to get some “engagement” pictures!

Wyatt decided that he liked Sophie, but Sophie wasn’t quite so sure…


Then Wyatt decided that Sophie looked yummy, and he wanted to try to eat her…

He was quite proud of himself 


Sophie just had a soaking wet head

Wyatt really liked Chrissie

Then we took some group shots…

TJ, Sophie, Tommy, Chrissie, Wyatt, Lynn

TJ, Chrissie, Sophie, Wyatt, Me, Paul (Notice Sophie and Wyatt are holding hands)

After we left TJ’s house, we headed out to my sister’s (Aunt Kathleen) new apartment to see her, “Uncle” Sam and the puppy, Patron.

Wyatt, Aunt Kathleen, Sam, Patron

Wyatt wanted Aunt Kathleen to explain what this yippy little thing that kept trying to “attack” him was.

What is that thing Aunt Kathleen?

Then Kathleen and I took a picture with our “babies”.

Mommy, Wyatt, Kathleen, Patron

Before we left, Aunt Kathleen insisted that Sam hold Wyatt so we could snap a picture. Here is the proof that it happened…

Sam and Wyatt

After the pictures, we headed back to my Dad’s house where he and Wyatt played until bedtime!


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