Road Trip Recap #2 – January 17th

Sunday morning, we woke up, got dressed, packed some necessities for Wyatt, and headed over to my Grandparents/Wyatt’s Great Grandparents (Grandma and PapPap) to spend the day hanging out, and celebrating my Dad’s birthday! Wyatt fell asleep on the way over to Grandma and PapPap’s house, which probably was for the best, as we were able to get a little attention from them, and my Dad was able to get his birthday hug!! The whole family was going to head over to Grandma and PapPap’s to socialize, eat yummy food, watch football, and of course, sing happy birthday and eat cake!!

Some of the Appetizers

As soon as Wyatt woke up it was like no one else existed! Grandma and PapPap were on cloud nine, and were 100 percent devoted to him! It was amazing to see Wyatt interacting with Grandma and PapPap, as well as my brother and Dad, Uncle Michael and Granddaddy. Grandma and PapPap had gotten Wyatt a little table top tree, which had a couple presents left over from Christmas underneath.

Grandma and PapPap with Wyatt (his tree and gifts in the background)

He got a blow-up Penguin that has some balls in it that move when the penguin moves. He got a set of balls that each make a different sound and have a different feel, perfect for sensory development! They also got him a Tonka Dump truck that grows with you, it works as a ride on with a handle for parents, a walking toy, has a scoop front to collect toys, a horn with sounds, and shape recognition toys in the seat. It will be a FUN toy for him to grow with; we can’t wait to get it outside when it warms up!

Grandma showing Wyatt one of his toy balls

After Wyatt opened gifts and played with some of them for awhile, Uncle Michael put Wyatt in his borrowed swing for the week and decided to play a game with him. The game was “I’m going to get your toes”. I don’t know who had more fun, Wyatt or Uncle Michael…

Got your toes!!

Happy boy!

Uncle Michael and Wyatt

Uncle Michael – Wyatt says Thank You for playing with me, and he can’t wait to play with you when you visit for Spring Break!!

Uncle Michael and Wyatt spending some time together...

Gigi and Uncle Michael G showed up and they got to spend some time “chatting” with Wyatt as well…

Wyatt, Gigi and Uncle Michael G

Wyatt decided that he needed a nap (or maybe I decided for him?!), so we all ate dinner together, and then it was time to sing Happy Birthday and eat cake. It has been a couple years since I have been at my Dad’s for his birthday, and it was extra special this year because not only was I there, Paul and Wyatt were too! My brother made the trip home from college, my sister and her boyfriend were there, and one of my stepbrothers were able to get away from school as well! (We missed you Uncle Brian!!)

Daddy with his birthday cake!!


The cake says: "Happy Birthday Steve, Daddy, and Granddaddy" Had to cover all his "names"

Shortly after cake, Wyatt woke up, so it was time for Grandma and PapPap to show him lots of love and attention…

Wyatt hanging out with Grandma and PapPap

A little unsure?!?

Staring Contest

We headed home a little later, and spent the evening trying to get Wyatt to calm down (he was so excited from the festivities of the day)! He finally headed to bed, and we followed quickly behind! We needed to get some rest; we had a busy week ahead of us!

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